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You can listen to these stories in either Quick Time or MP3 format. If you are not sure which format you can listen to try the Quick Time first. Remember these are only extracts from the tape. To hear the full story you can buy the tape, just send me an email

How it works

If you click the mp3 format, you will have to wait for all the file to download before you can play the story.
If you select the Quick Time format you can play the file as it is downloading.

 The Irish Genie (Traditional) 1.7MB

 Nidín Didín and Donagh Beg O’Neary (Traditional) 1.4MB

 The Golden Bal (From the Master Eamonn Kelly) 1.4MB

 The Boy Who Went To America (From Diarmuid O’Drisceóil, Cape Clear) 2.1MB

The Shea Man (Adapted from the Master Eamonn Kelly) 2.0MB

 The Tinker Talamucht (Traditional) 1.1MB

 The Three Doctors (From Diarmuid O’Drisceóil) 1.4MB

 Seamus And Doreen (Traditional) 1.6MB

 The King With Horses Ears (Traditional) 1.3MB

 The Kings Gift To His Four Daughters (Traditional Adapted from Joel Ben Izzy) 1.2MB