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Both of my CD’s are available to buy online. Simply add them to the cart and then pay with PayPal. The CD’s are 13 Euro each and 3 Euro for postage.

Tales from the Hat :
With the following storiesĀ The Irish Genie, Nidin Didin and Donagh Beg O’Neary, The Golden Ball, The Boy who went to America, The Shea Man, The Tinker of Talamucht, The Three Doctors, Seamus and Doreen, The King with Horses Ears, The Kings Gift to his Four Daughters.

Return of the Hat
With the following storiesĀ Any News????, Boy with no Story, Pig with wooden leg, Clever Daughter, The Hat Maker, Shaky Shimmery Stuff, In Praise of Lies, Cu Chulainn finds a woman, Your Luck Is All Around You.

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